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Why Us For Your Patients?
Why Us For Your Patients?

Our goal is to be a valued part of your treatment plan. We hope to aid you in the overall treatment for your patients by complimenting your work with the highest level of endodontic care we can provide. We want your patients to leave our office thinking that you are the best dentist in the world for sending them to us, because you wanted to provide them with the best care.

The Surgical operating microscope is used in 100% of procedures. This allows microscopic visualization of the tooth and ability to locate and treat all canals effectively. Dr. Biggs places cores, posts and other restoratives as requested by referring doctors.

Apex locators, digital radiography, nickle titanium rotary file systems and warm vertical compaction of gutta percha are used in all cases.


Dr. Biggs has extensive restorative experience, having practiced general dentistry for four years along with an advanced education in general dentistry residency. Being able to understand the restorative needs of a patient is as important at times as doing the root canal. The Fellowship of the Academy of General Dentistry attest to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of the field of general dentistry. Dr. Biggs has the same pursuit in endodontics. He is board eligible for diplomate status with the American Board of Endodontics, and should receive his diplomate in spring 2013. Dr. Biggs has also been chosen by his Las Vegas peers as “Best Dentist” in the field of endodontics for the past 3 years.


In case of emergency, referring doctors may reach Dr. Biggs on his cell phone. Our office policy is to accommodate any emergency that is in pain.

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