If you are experiencing intense sensitivity and/or pain in a tooth that seems to be getting worse, an emergency root canal may be necessary. In these circumstances, prompt care is essential to preserving the natural tooth and helping you experience relief in a timely manner.

When is an emergency root canal needed?
Unlike routine root canals, emergency root canals are typically recommended when a patient is experiencing sudden pain due to trauma such as cracks, chips, or decay. Signs and symptoms that may indicate that you need an emergency root canal include temperature sensitivity, swelling around the tooth, visible injury, and pain in the tooth or gums.

What if I’m experiencing pain in a tooth that has already had a root canal?
In some cases, root canal revision may be necessary when infection is present. Infection is usually the result of a complication in initial or previous treatment, a contaminated restoration, or a complicated canal anatomy. At Micro Endodontics we specialize in providing quality care for root canal therapy and are happy to assist you should you find yourself needing retreatment for a previous root canal.

Is treatment painful? How long does the procedure take?
Just like a routine root canal, we will do everything we can to keep you comfortable during your treatment. We will numb the area so you can have a relatively pain-free experience. Most emergency root canals can be completed in an hour. After treatment, our specialists will review your postoperative care instructions for a successful, pain-free experience.

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