A cracked tooth is a problem because it reduces the strength of your tooth. When a cracked tooth is left alone, it could turn into a more serious problem. Plaque and tartar in the mouth are able to get into the crack and create decay and further damage. The problems can even move beyond the teeth to the gums and bone. In addition, we understand that a crack in your tooth affects the appearance of your smile and your level of confidence. We want to help you feel happy with your smile again.

On its own, a cracked tooth is easier, quicker and less expensive for our Micro Endodontics of Las Vegas general dentist to fix than more extensive problems that could result from not fixing it. That’s why it’s smart to take care of this type of problem as soon as you or a dentist notices it. We specialize in saving cracked teeth and offer a variety of treatment options to treat cracks dependent on the cause, location, and depth of the tooth crack. During your initial consultation, we will determine what type of crack may have occurred as well as a treatment plan that works best for you.

Types of Cracked Teeth
The most common type of tooth crack is craze lines which are tiny cracks that only affect the outer enamel of the tooth. These small cracks occur over time, are only surface-level, and are merely a cosmetic issue and cause no pain. If the craze line in a tooth is above the gumline, it is easily treatable.

More severe cracks are those that extend into the root of the tooth. These cracks can reach the pulp of the tooth and are treated with a root canal procedure with a crown placement to prevent the crack from spreading or deepening. If a crack extends well below the gumline, it is no longer a treatable crack, and the tooth will most likely need to be extracted to prevent infection.

The last type of tooth crack we treat most frequently is a vertical root fracture. Root fractures are cracks that begin in the root of the tooth and go upwards. These are usually painless and don’t exhibit any symptoms. Thus, vertical root fractures are exposed when the surrounding gum or bone becomes infected. Some vertical root fractures can be treated with endodontic surgery while others may result in tooth extraction.

Cracked Tooth Solutions
If you have developed a crack tooth, your situation is not hopeless. You don’t have to resort to limited options or having the tooth pulled. In fact, advances in general dentistry have created more options for repairing a cracked tooth. We are able to bring a cracked tooth back to its best state of health and appearance. Our techniques allow us to blend the color of the fixed tooth with your natural teeth for a seamless look.

Solutions for cracked teeth tend to be painless for you and simple for our dentist to perform. In most cases, we can fix the problem with fillings and dental sealants. Nonetheless, we would perform a comprehensive assessment in the beginning to check the level of damage to the tooth. If the problem has affected the integrity of the tooth too much, the fillings and sealants might not be enough to restore the strength of the tooth. In these cases, we still have solutions available and could turn to implants or dentures to help you have a healthy and beautiful smile again. During this assessment, we will also check whether other teeth have been affected. It’s best to get your teeth checked before worrying because we can most often fix the problem quickly and easily.

Improving Your Oral Health
Fixing the cracked tooth increases its strength to give you full function of your mouth. Plus, it can increase your self-esteem regarding the look of your smile. You’ll be happier when talking, eating and smiling.

If you think you have a cracked tooth, we recommend you have a comprehensive exam to determine the level of the damage and the best solution. We will talk to you about your options to make sure you’re happy. Most often, fixing a cracked tooth is a fast and gentle experience. To make an appointment for your cracked tooth, contact our office today at (702) 463-5000