The bacteria that can create an infection can enter your tooth through damage caused either by a cavity or by trauma to your mouth. A cavity or crack in your tooth enamel can allow the bacteria, which is present in everyone’s mouth, to reach the pulp in the interior of your tooth. At first, there may be no symptoms, or very minor intermittent pain or sensitivity. But other indicators of a tooth infection can include swollen lymph nodes, swelling in your cheek and continuous pain. You may also experience a fever. An infection, particularly one that develops into an abscess, could cause serious problems for your oral and overall health. While none of these symptoms should be ignored, if you develop a fever or have trouble eating, you should contact your dentist or our endodontist as soon as possible. Usually, when our endodontist is able treat the problem in time, the infection can be removed, and the tooth can be saved. In most instances, a crown can be placed over the tooth to keep it healthy and maintain it’s structure.

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