A major part of root canal therapy is removing the infected pulp from the interior or your tooth. At Micro Endodontics of Las Vegas, we are dedicated to creating the best possible experience for each of our patients. Our endodontist, Dr. Scott Biggs and our team use the GentleWave® system in Las Vegas, Nevada, to clean and reshape the interior of your tooth to maintain its structure, your appearance and your dental health.

Unlike traditional root canals, the GentleWave system does not use files to remove the pulp, but instead combines a fluid and acoustics to clean and sterilize the pulp chamber and reshape the interior of the tooth. It is a more effective way to clean the chamber and prepare it for the replacement for the pulp, and it is also more comfortable and allows Dr. Biggs to completely prepare your tooth in a single visit to our office. Because the system uses fluid and not a file, it can reach areas within the tooth chamber that are too small for files, including microscopic areas. The system allows Dr. Biggs to remove only the necessary amount of material to reshape the tooth chamber, which helps the roots to remain strong and intact.

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